DBN Homes can build an attractive investment option that works with your requirements to suit your budget, location, timeframe, land size and house type, all within the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne.

You’ll enjoy fixed pricing before you commit. DBN Homes can assist with finance and property management.

Residential property investment has historically performed as a solid and stable investment opportunity – consistently delivering a strong return for medium to long-term investors. One of the best things about investing in residential property is that it provides a predictable rate of a financial return in the form of rental income (cash flow) and can also help you build a robust, long-term wealth creation strategy. But before you dive in, it pays to be clear about your investment expectations and what you hope to achieve.

Why is building a new home a good investment?

When you’re building long-term wealth, investing in property has proved to be low risk and stable investment strategy. History has shown that overall property values rarely go down. In comparison, investing in the stock market is a much higher risk of investment. If you take the time to select your investment property well, you’ll not only benefit from a good return on your investment but also receive steady cash flow from rental payments. You can also invest your super via a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

The advantages of investing in a newly-build property

• Government stamp duty concessions for new residential properties.

• Attract premium rental return thanks to our contemporary design and on-trend interiors. 

• Potential tax benefits, such as negative gearing.

• Significantly reduced upkeep, maintenance and repairs due to our rigorous quality control process throughout construction.

• 6 month Aftercare Warranty

Fixed Price Turnkey Homes.

Quality without the compromise.

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